Stay in our hotels and live Paris... We take care of you!

When you chose a hotel, especially the Hotel Alpha, you commit to enjoying your Parisian stay.

The service begins even before your arrival : we answer all your questions before your journey, we gladly give you advice on your choices, we make your reservations and we also organize taxi services and shuttles if needed.

At the Hotel Alpha, someone is always at your disposal, 24 hours a day to give you a safe and free feeling and let you do all the things you want. We are here for you, to help you with the keys, the Wi-Fi codes, the adapters, the questions about your organization and your excursions, the Concierge service and even more.

Depending on your taste, we gladly share our best addresses with you and we inform you about the exhibitions of the moment, the shops and the best insiders tips.

We take care of everything :  coffee and hot croissants are waiting for you and can be served in your room if you want, with freshly squeezed orange juice. There is no need to clean your room : when you come back after a long day, your room will be clean and your bed freshly made. Spa soap and shampoo are also available. You forgot to bring something on your journey? We will do everything we can to help you out.

Thanks to our highly quality hypoallergenic beds, you will benefit from the comfort you deserve.

To help you feel more secure : we meet every security standard requirements, everything is in order at every moment. If you need a doctor, we respond within few seconds and help you all the way.

We really care about the environment by paying attention to the products we use and the water/electricity we consume. That’s why all our rooms are equipped with water savers.

After your stay, we keep in contact with you : if you forgot something we will send it back to you and do our best to satisfy you.

Unlike the booking platforms : we pay our taxes in France, we preserve jobs and we live by the law. We work with local businesses and we contribute to the development of the neighborhood that makes us love “la vie à la française” so much.

Do not forget that a black market is hiding behind those platforms with people who abuse of the conditions (by renting apartments up to 100 different places for a longer period than is accepted) with the following consequences :

  • Dangers for the neighborhood : a difficulty for the Parisians to find themselves a home, a lowering in populations and a risk of shops being closed due to a lack of clients.
  • House market :  the rise of rents and the decrease of the number of apartments available.
  • Economic danger :  higher firing rate, no or very little hireling, tax evasion, hotels being closed due to a lack of clients and higher taxes to compensate the tax avoidance.

All these elements are threats for Paris, its lifestyle and its population.